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Community Projects

African Safari Destinations Ltd supports the cause of Nyumbani Children's Home, Kenya.

Nyumbani Children’s Home is Kenya's first and largest facility for HIV+ orphans where abandoned children receive the best medical, nutritional, academic and holistic care possible until they become self-reliant.

Nyumbani works on behalf of children suffering from the HIV/AIDS crisis, and is a leader in responses that capitalize on sustainability and income-generating relief.

Nyumbani Home has 119 children. They range in age from 16 months to 24 years - boys and girls. The majority of the children are teenagers, but a few young adults do also call Nyumbani 'home.' In addition to providing a loving home to HIV+ orphans and children who have been abandoned, the children's home also has a respite centre for nutritional rehabilitation of infants from the LeaToto Program.

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